Pinstriping Goods
Do you know pinstripe?

Pinstripe is America’s expressive style that existed from long time. It uses exclusive brush and draw freehand thin lines. Currently, you will sometimes see a car with pinstripe, but as a matter of fact MOONEYES is the first one to introduce pinstripe to Japan. Today, Wildman Ishii who is Japan’s representative pinstriper is showing his ability at Signs & Pinstriping Studio.

At this page we will be introducing the goods to make you enjoy and know more about pinstripe. Pinstripe has a deepness that cannot be felt with a sticker. It is done by freehand so, of course it will be hard in the beginning. But, it’s okay. At first, Ed Roth and Wildman was also a beginner. As you practice, more practice you have done, you will become better, and that is pinstripe.

Let’s start from today!

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