License Plate Frames

MOONEYES Original License Frame
*Material: Plastic, Chrome plated
MOONEYES Original License Frame’s Japanese size is 2.5mm thick plastic.

(MOONEYES "Go! with MQQN" metal license frame 【JAPAN Size】【MG649】is metal.)

For the bolt you need to at least have extra 5.5mm long, because approximately 3mm of thickness will be added to the bolt part.
When attaching the license frame and the original bolt attached was short, use a longer stainless bolt or license bolt.

MG057・・・Size:19.6cm x 33.8cm(Thick)
MG060・・・Size:17.0cm x 33.5cm (Thin)
*There is 2 type of plastic made license frame size.

Made out of Steel
US size

●Depending on the car model process will needed for attachment to the rear
When attaching to the rear, need to cut the seal part

Car model that has small license plate pocket might not able to attach Japanese size license frame.
MG060series is smaller.

We also have custom license frame that able you to put in your favorite lettering.
Custom License Frame is HERE!!

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