MOONEYES Registration Stickers [DM212-]

MOONEYES Registration Stickers [DM212-]

Our Price: 600Yen(tax excluded)

MQQNEYES Registration Stickers

The perfect sticker for your Reg. Tag Bracket. These stickers are similar is style to safety inspection stickers used in the USA, more commonly in the state of Hawaii, and fixed on the back of vehicles. The number indicates the month it's expiring and the color makes it easier to recognize from a distance. In this case, get and use your favorite number or color. These do not expire. Collect them all!

The sticker has reflector material

Size: (W) 7.7cm x (H) 5.2cm

Designs/Types: January (01), February (02), March (03), April (04), May (05), June (06), July (07), August (08), September (09), October (10), November (11), December (12).


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