Reg. Tag Bracket [AA918J]

Reg. Tag Bracket [AA918J]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excluded)

Stainless Steel Registration (Reg.) Tag Bracket.

A perfect item to add to the rear license plate of your vehicle is this reg. tag bracket. It's very common to see on cars in Hawaii and other states that require vehicles to have these stickers, also known as safety inspection stickers, visible on the back of their car. Rather than put the sticker directly on the body of your beloved vehicle (car or bike), many owners use this bracket. Easy to install. Just line it up to the license plate bracket and it fits perfectly.

This bracket goes perfectly with our MOONEYES Original Registration Sticker! You can choose your favorite number (month) or color. The great thing about this bracket is it works with car and motorcycles.

Does not include any hardware for mounting. Affix to the rear of your license plate bracket screw behind the license plate.

Not only for cars, this can be used on motorcycles too! Have fun!

Please note for Japanese license plates, this item will not fit properly on large size trucks and tractor trailers. Small and medium size truck license plates will work. J

Size of medium Japanese license plates: 33.0cm x 16.5cm
Regular passenger vehicles and compact cars (besides 360cc), trucks under 8-ton, large trucks under 5-tons have this size license plate and are compatible with the bracket.

Size of compact license plates: 23.0cm x 12.5cm
License plates for motorcycles above 126cc are compatible with the bracket.

Not Compatible:
Size of large license plates: 44.0cm x 22.0cm
Gross weight 8-ton or max load over 5-ton vehicles, dump trucks and 10-ton trucks etc. and buses that carry over 30 passengers have large license plates and will not work with the bracket.


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