If you purchase more than 10,000yen at MOONEYES Official Online Shop, containing MOONEYES Winter Clothing such as jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and long sleeves you can get MOON Marke Tote bag.

If you include at least one of the MOONEYES winter clothing and purchase more than 10,000yen you can get the MOON Make Tote Bag. You can combine the winter clothing and MOONEYES goods or custom parts.

The MOONEYES Marke Tote bag that you can get has 2 sizes of M size and L size with 3 colors of Black, Ivory, and Yellow. It can be compactly folded and easy to use. The size and color of the Marke Tote are the surprises after it arrives. 

Don’t miss this chance to get the useful tote bag and must-have winter clothing!

【Limited to 300】
Limited quantity, end as the stock of the MOON Marke tote goes out.
You cannot choose the size and color of the Marke tote.

How to GET the MOON Marke Tote Bag
Purchase more than 10,000yen including MOONEYES Winter Clothing (e.g. long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets)

Available only at MOONEYES Official Online Shop
※This promotion is not available at Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1.

We have specially featured the New Design Clothing of MOONEYES!!
There are perfect jackets to wear at outdoor events and there are sweatshirts and hoodies for your daily use. We also have beanies, caps and neck warmers that can be an accent of your outfit and keep you warm.