MOON Plant Cover 【L size】 [MGC211]

MOON Plant Cover 【L size】 [MGC211]

Our Price: 1,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Plant Cover L size

Just put your favorite plant or flower’s pot and easy change to MOON Style.
We have prepared the standard MOONEYES Eyeball and CQQL MOON Equipped design so,
you can use your favorite one that fits your room.
It can be displayed on the counter and table.
There is a cool on the cover so, you can hook it on the wall or,
hang it to the headrest of your car.

It is a bucket shape cover with a flat bottom.
Not only as a cover but, you can also use it to put some small things.
Storage or trash bin for your room and car, how to use it is up to you.

We also have the same design S size plant cover[MGC212].

Size: Height17cm Diameter 14.5cm
Design: YE MOONEYES Eyeball, BK MOON Equipped

※Plant is not included.


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