MOON Equipped Iron Cross Sweatshirt Black [MQS008BK]

MOON Equipped Iron Cross Sweatshirt Black [MQS008BK]

Our Price: 4,800Yen - 5,800Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

MOON Equipped Iron Cross Sweatshirt Black
M〜XL Size 4,800yen(excl. tax)、XXL Size 5,800yen(excl. tax)
A sweatshirt featuring MOON Equipped’s classical Iron Cross logo. The design is printed on both the front and back. Although it's simple it attracts people’s eyes.

You can enjoy your outfit just with this! Of course, you can match it with your other clothing and enjoy the layered style so, make your MOON Equipped Style. We also have MOON Equipped design Long Sleeve T-shirts for Kids so, match with your family or siblings.

The same design White is here.

Color: BK Black
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester (10 oz./Inner Fleece Fabrication)
Size(JP): M、L、XL、XXL
Model 174cm Size L

M Size: Length 66cm Width 55cm Shoulder 53cm Sleeve 56cm
L Size: Length 69cm Width 60cm Shoulder 59cm Sleeve 57cm
XL Size: Length 70cm Width 64cm Shoulder 63cm Sleeve 57cm
XXL Size: Length 76cm Width 70cm Shoulder 69cm Sleeve 60cm

M Size: Length 26in Width 21.7in Shoulder 20.9in Sleeve 22in
L Size: Length 27.2in Width 23.6in Shoulder 23.2in Sleeve 22.4in
XL Size: Length 27.6in Width 25.2in Shoulder 24.8in Sleeve 22.4in
XXL Size: Length 29.9in Width 27.6in Shoulder 27.2in Sleeve 23.6in

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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