USV Caution Card Holder [KG205]

USV Caution Card Holder [KG205]

Our Price: 1,600Yen(tax excluded)

USV Caution Card Holder

A convenient card holder which you can mount to any place you like in your car.

There are 4 slots to put in your cards, and you can put in the cards, photos, notes, and any other items of similar size.

There is a double-sided tape that you can mount on the visor, door, and any other places.

Included an Air Bag WARNING sticker, and a number sticker from 0 ~ 9. The WARNING sticker enables you to use the number sticker to note your emergency phone number.

Color: BK Black, BE Beige
Size: (W)15.5cm(6.1in) (H)8cm(3.2in) Thickness 1cm(0.4in)
4 slots (Depending on the thickness of the card, you can put in more than one in one slot)


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