MOONEYES Universal Boss Kit Adapter [GB0030]

MOONEYES Universal Boss Kit Adapter [GB0030]

Our Price: 4,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Universal Boss Kit Adapter

MOONEYES steering wheels use the Grant adapter kits for mounting. Also known as a Boss Kit, the steering wheel adapter is required in order to install the steering wheel. If you can't find a Grant adapter kit specified for your vehicle, there's another option. Boss kits for MOMO steering wheels. The common six-hole steering wheel, widely used for aftermarket brands including MOMO gives you another chance especially for late model vehicles. Once you have a six-hole adapter, you will need to purchase this adapter for your boss kit. This MOONEYES universal boss kit adapter will transform your six-hole boss kit enabling it to accept Grant steering wheels and MOONEYES original steering wheels.

Please contact us for details in regards to your specific make/model vehicle.

Please note this is just the adapter kit. Actual Boss kit/adapter kit is sold separately.


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