Ash Bin with Bonus Coin Holder [IGASH-COIN]

Ash Bin with Bonus Coin Holder [IGASH-COIN]

Our Price: 900Yen(tax excluded)

Ash Bin with Bonus Coin Holder

Coin holder and ash tray that can put on the cup holder.
You can easily turn and change when you have to cigar or coin.

More than 10 coins can be stock.
10, 50 and 100 Yen is OK! 500 Yen coin cannot fit.
Coin space can stock 3 types but smallest one is penny size so, unfortunately Japanese coin will not fit.
For that space feel like US and put in 10¢or 1¢.

Bottom part of the ash tray can be easily taken off so, you can throw away the cigarette end and the ash.
Recently smoker is being a subject to criticism but if it’s in your car, you can smoke any time.
Keep good manners when you smoke.

Size: Width8.5cm × Depth9cm × Height11cm

For car without cup holder, we recommend Seat Wedge Cup Holder [Item No. CAI911] and Cup Holder S size [CAI91106]
It is light so you can carry it outside and buy drink and use it as handy ash tray.


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