Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Oscillating Fan [CAI40099]

Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Oscillating Fan [CAI40099]

Our Price: 4,200Yen(tax excl.)

Heavy Beauty 2-Speed Oscillating Fan

6 inches size cigar socket oscillating fan.
It doesn’t break the atmosphere of the old car and definitely be useful for the hot summer.
For power of the wind, 2 speed of Slow and Fast.
You can On and Off the swing.

You can mount with the screw or use mounting clamp.
Mount it where it will not avoid your driving.

Size: (Diameter) 18cm x (D)15cm
Stay: 8cm
Cord: 2.3m

Plastic body, Fincover: Steel
12 volts  cigar socket  (Fuse in plug) 


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