MOON Original Hi Flow Air Cleaner [MP700MC]

MOON Original Hi Flow Air Cleaner [MP700MC]

Our Price: 9,800Yen(tax excluded)

Adapter Type:
MOON Spun Aluminum Air Cleaner Top x1
High Flow air cleaner x1
Washable air filter element
Carburetor adapter x1 (7 holes, please choose a no holes.)
Mount screw bolt x1
Color x1

Aluminum air cleaner top is made in USA.

Moon original spun aluminum air cleaner features an actual spun aluminum air cleaner top. The same way MOON Discs are made. The 4" diameter air cleaner top also has the MOON stamping, authenticating the cover. This is a complete air cleaner set. The set includes the following:

The air filter element (GHR4001) can be ordered separately if you need a replacement or a spare.
The bracket (HD001YES/HD001NON) is available with 7 holes or no holes at all (custom applications). Please contact us for details as price may be different.


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