US Patches [IGPA003-]

US Patches [IGPA003-]

Our Price: 1,000Yen(tax excl.)


*Color/Size that cannot be selected is SOLD OUT.

US Patches

US patches at the time.

Design / Size
1:NHRA 1973 (YE/OR) / 8.5cm×7.5cm
2:NHRA 1973 (NY/RD) / 9cm×7.6cm
3:NHRA 1973 (YE/GR) / 8.8cm×7.5cm
4:NHRA 1973 (BL/RD) / 8.8cm×7.7cm
5:NHRA 1973 (OR/BL) / 8.8cm×7.7cm
6:NHRA 1973 (YE/RD) / 8.9cm×7.7cm
7:NHRA 1973 (NY/LB) / 8.8cm×7.6cm

★ From USA ★

*Please note that, quality of the item is same at the time so, it does not have adhesive sticky.


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