Plastic Skull Shift Knob Chrome [UP70026]

Plastic Skull Shift Knob Chrome [UP70026]

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Plastic Skull Shift Knob Chrome

Chrome finished High Impacted Plastic Skull Shift Knob.
The looks are hard but, it is made out of plastic and light.
Fitting instruction: Take out genuine shift knob, put it from the top. It is type to fit it from the side with set screw. It is not the type to shove in.

Basically, it can fit car except for Floor A/T but, it cannot be use for over drive and type with shift lock, although it is column shift.

Nylon sleeves x 2, Allen wrench and comes with a screw.
Size: (H) 6.3 cm (5.5 cm to jaw and 0.8 cm attachment)
Face to back of the head 5.2 cm x Face width 4.2 cm

From USA


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