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【Latest Volume】MQQNEYES International Magazine Summer 2024 #26 [MGCAT24-26]

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MQQNEYES International Magazine Summer 2024

"MQQNEYES International Magazine"(MIM)
From the MQQNEYES history and products available at MQQNEYES, all the “MQQNEYES” is covered in this MQQNEYES Magazine!!

This year's cover is a design of the stained glass style MOONEYES Eyeshape logo. Each of the glasses are detailed and, finish like as the real stained glass.

The special article features the two MOONEYES-owned Hilux Dually. As a new feature, we also have a dealer page introducing our International dealers. There is also an article about MOON Cafe's Hot Menu too!

As usual, we also have an article featuring Wildman’s maniac Talk about his hobby and the latest information on the 32nd YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2024.

Last but not least, it comes with MQQNEYES Complete catalog which contains, all the items sold at MOONEYES! You can check out standard items and the latest item at that time!

If you have this one, you can check the item you usually not check on website.
Regardless to age and gender, it is the one full of MQQNEYES WORLD,

All color / 233 pages

Language: Japanese/English (Bilingual)
Printed in Japan.


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