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500 Series MOON Fuel Tank - Dragster [MP501]

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500 Series MOON Fuel Tank - Dragster

Aluminum material Fuel Tank, which is handmade by Craftsman.

On the top there is two, 3/8inch injection return hole and on the bottom 3/8inch or 1/2inch outlet.

Die-cast aluminum bracket ( MP515-8) is sold separately.

By special order it can be full polished, powder coated process can be done. We can change it to Special for the customer.

Image is with separately sold bracket (MP515-8) attached.

※If the item is out of stock, it will take about 1 month to deliver.

Capacity: 3.5Gallon(13.2L)

 Size: 220 × 381mm

Brackets are not included. Please purchase MP515-8 separately.

Our Price: 60,000Yen(tax excluded)


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