Speed Shop Lunch Tote Bag [MQF051]

Speed Shop Lunch Tote Bag [MQF051]

Our Price: 2,000Yen(tax excluded)

Speed Shop Lunch Tote Bag

It is bag with MOON Equipment Co. Speed Shop logo printed on the front.
On the back side there is MOON Equipped tag as an accent.

The bottom of the bag is flat so, you don't have to worry with your lunch box flipping over. You can also use it as your sub bag.

Color:GR Green Camouflage, CA Camel, LGY Light Gray
Size:(H) 21cm(8.27in) ×(W) 20cm(7.87in) ×(D) 17cm(6.69in)
Handle: 37cm
Material:100% Cotton Canvas


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