MOON Custom Cycle Shop T-shirt [MQT152BK]

MOON Custom Cycle Shop T-shirt [MQT152BK]

Our Price: 3,900Yen - 4,500Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

MOON Custom Cycle Shop T-shirt
S〜XL 3,900yen(excl. tax)、XXL 4,500yen(excl. tax)

Wildman Ishii designed MOON CUSTOM CYCLE SHOP T-shirt.
Classical font of MOON CUSTOM CYCLE SHOP and HONMOKU YOKOHAMA lettering and
Widman’s professional curly pinstripe are stylishly designed.
This is the t-shirt full of MOON Equipped world.

On the front left chest, MOON Equipped logo, MCCS lettering, and pinstripe are simply designed.
With the Gold and Ivory coloring, it can match with the rough style and vintage-like style.

Classical design but matches with the modern trend, that can only be done by Wildman!

Designed by "Wildman" Ishii

Color:BK Black
Material: 100% Cotton

S Size:Length 70cm Width 45cm Sleeve 16cm Shoulder 45cm
M Size:Length 73cm Width 50cm Sleeve 18cm Shoulder 50cm
L Size:Length 74cm Width 56cm Sleeve 19cm Shoulder 57cm
XL Size:Length 79cm Width 60cm Sleeve 20cm Shoulder 61cm
XXL Size:Length 80cm Width 66cm Sleeve 22cm Shoulder 65cm
Model 176cm Size: M

※ Please note that, it is using US manufacturer so,
depending on the arrival date, there might be difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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