SPAM ? Can 340g / Hormel Foods [SPAM01]

SPAM ? Can 340g / Hormel Foods [SPAM01]

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SPAM® Can 340g / Hormel Foods

At Okinawa it is put into Miso soup and,
it is also popular to used for Onigiri (Rice Ball) and Sandwiches.
Also GQQD for non-perishable food.

When you are using it for Honolulu Chow Mein,
use 2 pieces that are cut into 9 equal pieces.

This Spam Classic is 20% salt reduced type.

【Nutrition Facts】
Serving Size 340g
Calories 320kcal
Protein 12g
Fat 29g
Carbohydrate 2g
Sodium 700mg

Expiration Date: 3 years from the production date

This is the reduced tax rate(Japanese Tax 8%) item.

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