MOON Cafe Original Honolulu Chow Mein [MG379]

MOON Cafe Original Honolulu Chow Mein [MG379]

Our Price: 1,200Yen(tax excl.)

MQQN Cafe Original
Honolulu Chow Mein

You can enjoy MOON Cafe's popular Honolulu Chow Mein at your home!
The unique and firm Noodle, Pork luncheon meat and,
Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) are mixed and browned.
To make it crispy add the Soy Sauce!
If you serve with a scoop of rice and Takuan (Pickled Radish) it is even GQQD!
Fried Noodle makes you want to drink water.

Detailed instruction is also written on the back. (Japanese)
The expiration date is about 3 weeks and longer than the regular Chinises noodle so,
you can stock it so you can eat it when you want.

You can also purchase the SPAM from Here!

*5 packs (1pack 200g)
Expiration Date; About 3 weeks

It is using a flour

For Domestic Shipping
This is the reduced tax rate(Japanese Tax 8%) item.

Instruction for Cooking

MOON Cafe's Secret Special Recipe to enjoy Honolulu Chow Mein at your home!

1. Stir fry the diced Spams on the large frying pan until they are browned so,
the taste will get better.

2. Then Put the fried Spam on the dish. Cut the Kamaboko and put it with the Spam.

3. Heat the same frying pan and put the Noodle and loosen it.
Put the noodle through the oil and stir fry until it gets browned.
Turn to strong heat and put in 50cc of water and
the hardness of the noodle will change by the amount of water. After the water,
stir fry again and when the water evaporates,
put in the diced Spam and Kamamoboko that were already stir-fried and mix it with the noodle.

4. Put in 10cc of Soy sauce and mix it well with the noodle.

5. Serve it on the plate with Naruto (boiled fish paste with spiral pattern) and Spring Onion and FINISH!


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