Rat Fink Mask [RAF570]

Rat Fink Mask [RAF570]

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Rat Fink Mask

There are many terms used to describe the shirts made from Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Traditionals. Whichever term you prefer is fine as they all spell quality above the rest.

Rat Fink Mask is released using the high-quality fabric of Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Traditional clothing company. The mask is using the lining fabric which is one of the characteristics of Reyn Spooner and we also has calming color. The design is full of Rat Fink such as the standard standing, face, RF logo, and skull flies.

It is a stylish mask and you can also wear it for fashion, moisturizing, dust protection, and anyways you like. It is a cotton cloth mask so, if you wash it you can use it over and over. Cotton material is comfortable to put it on and, the string(elastic) is soft, so it doesn't give a load to your ear.

You can tie the string and adjust to fit your face. After you tied the string you can hide the knot in the mask.

Vivid and High-impact are the image of Rat Fink but, you can also enjoy the calming Rat Fink that is different from usual. Wear this mask and, Be Safe and Stay Healthy with MQQN.

Fabric by Reyn Spooner

Color: WH White, NY Navy
Size: (H)9.5cm x (W)16cm
Material: 100% Cotton


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