MOON Equipped Zippo Lighter (Brass) [MQG179BR]

MOON Equipped Zippo Lighter (Brass) [MQG179BR]

Our Price: 12,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped Zippo Lighter

Genuine Zippo Lighter X MOON Equipped
Genuine MOON Equipped Zippo Lighter is released from the ZIPPO Manufacturing company which long loved since the 1930s. The sophisticated simple design and the brass exaggerate its charm. On the front MOON Equipped logo and Eyeshape, for the back, the MOON Equipped logo, MOON Equipped ZIPPO LIGHTER SMOKERS, CEASE FIRE is designed. The etching process is used for the design and the design will not disappear over the years. Long last item of MOONEYES.

Simple and easy to use, and fits in your hand. The Brass will shine and gives gorgeous looks. You can have it for yourself, collection and of course as a gift to your loved one.

Made in USA

Material: Brass
Size: (H)5.5cm (W)3.8cm (D)1.3cm

Due to the Shipping Company's rule, when we are shipping this product we will have to Disassemble the parts so, when the product arrived please reassemble by yourself.

It will be disassembled into three parts of outer case, inside case and flint.


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