MOON Automotive Workers Jacket [MQW050BK]

MOON Automotive Workers Jacket [MQW050BK]

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MOON Automotive Workers Jacket
M〜XL 7,800yen(excl. tax)、XXL 8,600yen(excl. tax)

MOON Automotive Speed Equipment design workers jacket with 50's classical style designed by Wildman.

The pinstripe design features the front grille of 1934 Ford and it is an Old but New design that respects the history of MOONEYES.

Sturdy material like coveralls and perfect for your working wear. There is a pocket on both sides and a chest pocket with a pen pocket.

Designed by Wildman Ishii

Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Twil
Color: BK Black

Size (JP) : M、L、XL、XXL
Model 174 Size L

M size:Length 71 Width 55 Shoulder 45 Sleeve 62
L size:Length 74 Width 58 Shoulder 49 Sleeve 63
XL size:Length 77 Width 61 Shoulder 52 Sleeve 64
XXL size:Length 80 Width 64 Shoulder 55 Sleeve 65

M size:Length 28 Width 21.7 Shoulder 17.7 Sleeve 24.4
L size:Length 29.1 Width 22.8 Shoulder 19.3 Sleeve 24.8
XL size:Length 30.3 Width 24 Shoulder 20.5 Sleeve 25.2
XXL size:Length 31.5 Width 25.2 Shoulder 21.7 Sleeve 25.6


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