New Std. Custom License Plate Frame Carbon Fiber Look【MG058】 [MG058CF-PL-DMOR]

New Std. Custom License Plate Frame Carbon Fiber Look【MG058】 [MG058CF-PL-DMOR]

Our Price: 3,400Yen(tax excluded)

【APPROVED for Japanese Car Inspection 2021 Oct.】
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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

New Std. Custom License Plate Frame Carbon Fiber Look 【MG058】

This Price is for one.
Depending on the amount you order, the price for one changes.
When you order it will be calculated at maximum price but, we will contact you the final price separately by email.

Custom made, original license plate frame
Made-to-order - Get your personal license plate frame here!

You can put in your favorite letters /words on the license frame.

*On the remarks column, enter the word you want to print on the license frame.
There is TOP and BOTTOM of the License Frame so, please enter for both and indicate which will come on the top and bottom.
Please be sure spelling and spacing are correct as we will use the exact text you supply.

The price and delivery date differs due to the amount of your order.
1-20 3,100yen/each
21-30 3,400yen/each
21-50 3,100yen/each
51-100 2,800yen/each
101- 2,500yen/each

SIZE: 33.8cm x 19.6cm
Japanese license plate size.

This frame is for a Japanese standard automobile license plate.
Other sizes differ and in most cases will not fit perfectly without modification to the plate or frame.

Material: Plastic

These custom lettering plates are made in-house here at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama. They are made from custom print and cut sticker sheets and applied to the frame. One line, in general, can fit up to 20 characters.

Please note that license plate frames are not legal in some countries and in some cases Japan. This is a novelty item that should only be used as a display while the car is not in motion.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us any time.


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