MOON Eyeball Eco Tote Bag M [MG953M]

MOON Eyeball Eco Tote Bag M [MG953M]

Our Price: 450Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Eyeball Eco Tote Bag M

A MOON Eyeball design tote bag which is a similar design to the shopping bag used at MOONEYES.
The design for the side is featuring the checker pattern and "AS MOON GOES WE GO!" lettering.

It doesn't have a solid base so you can fold it and carry it easily. Quick to take out and use for other things, not only shopping.
It's made of similar material like a blue tarp so, it's also great as a laundry bag or for the gym or pool.

Not only for yourself and it is also recommended as a gift and souvenir.


Size(CM): (H) 40 × (W) 30 × (D) 17
Size(INCH): (H) 15.7 × (W) 11.8 × (D) 6.69
(Not including possession)
Color: Yellow (side is black, the bottom is yellow, and the inside will be white.)
Material: PP (polypropylene)

We also have different size bag.


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