MOON Thermometer [MG942]

MOON Thermometer [MG942]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Thermometer

A Pop design analog thermometer featuring the MOON Eyeball logo and MOON Wheel Disc.

You can use it as wall decor for your room and garage and gives an accent like USA style interior. It can measure the temperature which is useful and CQQL!

It is packed with the original blister pack.

There is a hole on the top and bottom to display it on the walls.

Material: Steel
Temperature: ℃(degree Celsius), -30℃〜50℃、1 scale 2℃
※The scale is not °F(Fahrenheit).

Size: (H)25cm(9.8in) (W)9.5cm(3.7in) (D)1.8cm(0.7in)

Please note, that this product is imported from oversea, and due to the transportation, there might be small scratches, and damage to the product, and packages.


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