MCCS Headlight iPhone 14 Pro Hard Case [MQG201-14P]

MCCS Headlight iPhone 14 Pro Hard Case [MQG201-14P]

Our Price: 2,500Yen(tax excluded)

MCCS Headlight iPhone 14 Hard Case

Wildman Ishii designed the MOON Custom Cycle Shop (MCCS) brand iPhone case featuring the front shot of a motorcycle from a low angle, decorated with flames pinstripe.

By having the case it will protect your iPhone from scratches and damages.
Select your favorite MOONEYES to design for your iPhone you use every day.

【For iPhone 14 Pro】
Material: Polycarbonate

※iPhone in the image is not included.
※The sample image is using the iPhone 14 Blue.
※The thickness around the camera is different between iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Therefore, iPhone 14 Pro cases will not fit iPhone 14, and vice versa.


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