Kids MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTLC002YE]

Kids MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTLC002YE]

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Kids MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt

A long sleeve t-shirt featuring the MOON Equipped eyeshape logo for kids.

It is a bright energetic yellow color perfect for kids, and it is using a heavyweight base with a basic shape.

They can wear it as it is or match it with a hoodie, and it is one that is easy to wear in many scenes.

Material: 100% Cotton(5.6 oz.)
Color: YE Yellow
Size(JP): XS(110cm)、S(130cm)、M(150cm)
Model 115cm Size XS(110cm)

XS Size:Length 43cm Width 33cm Shoulder 29cm Sleeve 37cm
S Size:Length 52cm Width 37cm Shoulder 33cm Sleeve 45cm
M Size:Length 60cm Width 43cm Shoulder 38cm Sleeve 52cm

XS Size:Length 16.9in Width 13in Shoulder 11.4in Sleeve 14.6in
S Size:Length 20.5in Width 14.6in Shoulder 13in Sleeve 17.7in
M Size:Length 23.6in Width 16.9in Shoulder 15in Sleeve 20.5in

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.
Depending on the product, there might be some differences in the sizing listed.


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