Kids Iron Cross Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTLC008]

Kids Iron Cross Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTLC008]

Our Price: 2,900Yen(tax excluded)

Color / Size:
Kids Iron Cross Long Sleeve T-shirt

Your cute kids will look CQQL with this MOON Equipped Iron Cross Long Sleeve T-shirt! The front, back, and sleeves are accented with the Iron Cross.

It is a simple mono-tone t-shirt so, it can match any kids’ outfit. We also have MOON Equipped design clothing for Adults so, match with your family or siblings.

Color: BK Black、WH White
Material: 100% Cotton

Size(JP): XS(110cm)、S(130cm)、M(150cm)
Model 120cm(7yrs) Size S(130cm)

XS(110cm) Size:Length 43cm Width 33cm Shoulder 29cm Sleeve 37cm
S(130cm) Size:Length 52cm Width 37cm Shoulder 33cm Sleeve 45cm
M(150cm) Size:Length 60cm Width 43cm Shoulder 38cm Sleeve 52cm

XS(110in) Size:Length 16.9in Width 13in Shoulder 11.4in Sleeve 14.6in
S(130in) Size:Length 20.5in Width 14.6in Shoulder 13in Sleeve 17.7in
M(150in) Size:Length 23.6in Width 16.9in Shoulder 15in Sleeve 20.5in

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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