Clay Smith Flag Sticker [CSYC3943]

Clay Smith Flag Sticker [CSYC3943]

Our Price: 900Yen(tax excluded)

Clay Smith Flag Sticker

Traditional Clay Smith Flag design Sticker.

Add a touch of personality to your vehicles, windows, walls, smartphone, laptop, helmet, skateboard, toolbox, and other surfaces by using this sticker.

The 3M-made sheet is easily adherable to the curved surfaces of motorcycles and cars. Additionally, it is coated with a durable laminate that provides excellent outdoor resilience and minimal fading.
Design: L Left, R Right
Size:Sheet 19cm × 8cm(7.5in x 3.2in)、Clay Smith 11.6cm x 7.2cm(4.5in x 2.8in)
Flag 4.9cm x 2.1cm(1.9in x 0.8in)

※Notice for sticking the sticker
Before sticking the sticker wipe out some oil, wax, and any stain, and dirt from the place you want to stick it.


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