Small Dog MOON Thermal Stripe T-shirt [TMD020]

Small Dog MOON Thermal Stripe T-shirt [TMD020]

Our Price: 3,800Yen(tax excluded)

Small Dog MOON Thermal Stripe T-shirt

MOONEYES Dog-Friendly Item
This is a cool and soft, stretchy thermal striped T-shirt for small dogs.

It features embroidered MOONEYES lettering designed by Wildman Ishii on the back and a cute eyeball patch as an accent on the chest.

The series also includes T-shirts in kids' and adults' sizes, so you can enjoy matching outfits with your kids for a cute look, or with adults for a friendly matching style.
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Color: BK Black, OR Orange, WH White
Size(JP): M、L
Material: Cotton 87% Polyurethane 3%
Model Maltese 4kg Size M
Model Toy Poodle 5kg Size L

M Size:Length 23 Front Length 20 Neck 16 Width 40
L Size:Length 26 Front Length 21 Neck 16 Width 42

M Size: Length 9.1 Front Length 7.9 Neck 6.3 Width 15.7
L Size: Length 10.2 Front Length 8.3 Neck 6.3 Width 16.5

※The sizes for the neck and width are indicated by doubling the width measurement.

The shown Size is the actual Size of the item, All the items are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference the Size.
Depending on the product, there might be some differences in the sizing listed.



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