MOON Original Air Cleaner Complete Set [MP400S]

MOON Original Air Cleaner Complete Set [MP400S]

Our Price: 13,500Yen(tax excluded)

Adapter Type:
dddMOON No Name Air Cleaner Top Complete set

4" Diameter, 1 piece Polished Cast Aluminum top with a 1/4-20 female thread on the underside center for easy installation to the air cleaner and adapter bracket. This kit includes the cast aluminum top, air cleaner element and an air cleaner bracket for mounting to a motorcycle carb. Please note that the air cleaner bracket comes predrilled with 7 holes or you can optionally choose a bracket with no holes.

Kit Includes:
Air Clener Top
Air Filter
Air Cleanner Adapter:(w/7 Hole) or (No-Hole)


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