Lancer Each [MC021]

Lancer Each [MC021]

Our Price: 25,000Yen(tax excluded)


Lancer Wheel Cap

Select from 14 inches or 15 inches

Not recommended to FWD Car
*Price of one

※ Material: Steel

You can purchase from one.

This item is not for specific car and it is wide use wheel cap trim ring.
If it’s steel wheel (Iron wheel) can attach to genuine wheel cap, this item can be attached.
MQQNEYES original wheel cap, trim ring is usually same way to attach genuine wheel cap.
However, to make it wide use it has metal tab.

If it is loose or tight you might have to adjust the tab on the backside of the wheel cap by using pliers to widen it or fold it.
*Before you work on it wear some gloves and be careful not to injure yourself.

Attaching wheel cap and trim ring is fine custom.
It takes effort and trouble in custom, but if you can custom Your Car will be a Custom Car. Challenge as feeling you want to make it CQQL!!

・It is installed by insertion, so during mounting and driving it might fall off if installed incorrectly.
Please be careful during installing and take a test drive first to be sure.
If you have any concerns please seek professional consultation from your nearest automotive shop.

・If the air valve is made from rubber, it may get cut off if the cap mounting is not properly installed. If required please change the air valve to a metal one.

・If it is deemed as dangerous during the pre-operation inspection, please take necessary measures such as removing the parts and stop driving.

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