Moon Illustrated Magazine Vol. 5 [MGCAT10-5]

Moon Illustrated Magazine Vol. 5 [MGCAT10-5]

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2010 Spring & Summer

This edition of MOON Illustrated is the 2010 Spring and Summer lineup with full catalog including all NEW products for Spring/Summer as well as items released since MIM#4. Of course, articles and content with Southern California flavor, the lifestyle and by all means MOON!

Even before this print and release, MOONEYES announced the news of two special guests for HCS2010. Suzanne Williams and Robert Williams are not only fine artists but car loving hot rodders too. They are both in every way, Southern California to the bone and have been an essential part of the hot rod art culture. MIM#5 features an introduction of them and their cars in preparations for the Hot Rod Show in December.

MIM#5 - Don't miss this issue. It's the one to have for 2010.
This is a Japanese domestic market release and printed in Japan. Articles and mainly in Japanese but include English translation

Book Size: ISO A4 (8.25 x 11.7 inches)
Cover: Heavy softcover with glossy color print
Total Pages: 226
Features and Contents:
Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams Story
A Guy in Salinas Cole Foster
'70 Style CB Specialist Duane Ballard
Best Buy - MOONEYES Items
One Low Produce HR Triumph Black Shadow
Freak'n Four Honda CB
Shige Suganuma Custom Memory - El Camino
Cheers! MOON Cafe
HONMOKU Daily Life
Very Best of Wildman Blog
MOON Quick Delivery Service
and more!


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