Fully Retractable Radio Antenna [AA205]

Fully Retractable Radio Antenna [AA205]

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Fully Retractable Radio Antenna

Universal mount type.
You can make it longer and shorter so handy item to when you finished the car.
If your try to find it now, it will be quite hard.

Antenna Rod length is 79cm
Rod inside length: 25cm
Installation (body) part diameter: 3.3cm

Hot to mount it:
From the antenna hole, put the antenna part in the hole from the bottom.
Fix the parts above the rubber seal to top part of the body.
Metal parts with a tooth gear are for adjusting angles of the antenna.

When the item arrives the combination of the part is applicable for 4/3 (approx19mm) size hole. By changing the parts included, it can be applicable for 7/8 (approx22mm) size hole.
Select the size that fits your car.

Key included can store into the very bottom of the antenna.
When you can’t take it with your finger, take off the rubber on the top of the antenna and it will be a tool to pull out.

If you don’t know the way to mount is contact us.
045-623-5999 (9:00〜18:00)

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