LUCAS Fuel Stabilizer [LU10314]

LUCAS Fuel Stabilizer [LU10314]

Our Price: 2,400Yen(tax excluded)

LUCAS Fuel Stabilizer

Especially recommended to automobile that is not used for a while.
If it is gasoline engine 4st and 2st is OK!

If you don't turn on the engine for a while, gasoline will rot and lower the performance.
However if you take out the gas, tank might start to rust.
So, this is the time to use the Fuel Stabilizer!

8 oz =237ml

Made in USA

You will mix 1oz per 3.8L of gasoline and use it.
If you overfill it, you don't have to worry.
(With 1 bottle it can be used for 30L of gasoline)
After you mix it, turn the engine till it reaches to the cab.


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