Kousoku Yuen "Henjin Wanted" Sticker [KMD017]

Kousoku Yuen "Henjin Wanted" Sticker [KMD017]

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Kousoku Yuen "Henjin Wanted" Sticker

変人募集中 = The first two characters (Kanji) look like 恋人 or "Koibito" which is the Japanese word for "Lover" or GF/BF but in the case of Kousoku Yeun, it's 変人 or "Henjin" which means "Oddball" or eccentric person. The last three kanji characters (募集中) mean "Boshuchu" basically translates to accepting applications or soliciting. So if you're looking for that strange someone, this is the sticker for you!

Kousoku Yuen, the car-otaku magazine picked up on the style and design from the '70-'80 when offbeat or strange one-liner colorful stickers were advertised for sale in car magazines. This is one version they have come up with.

Size: Diameter of about 9cm


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    By Pat Pat
    Oh I really wanted this sticker but it was sold out :( hopefully I can get it next time.
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