MOTHERS Back to Black Tire Cleaner [IGMO9324]

MOTHERS Back to Black Tire Cleaner [IGMO9324]

Our Price: 1,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOTHERS Back to Black Tire Cleaner

Pomp type cleaner that can clean the tire without using water.
capsule clean component will clean sidewall of the tire regardless to the color of the tire (including white wall) and brand.
You just spray it and wipe it off.

It can clean white wall but, spray and wipe off separately from the black part.
(White ribbon added lately can clean the surface but not the brown stain from the back.)
If you want some gloss, after cleaning, we recommend to put a wax lightly.

Please note: This cannot be shipped outside of Japan.
Postal restrictions prevent us for shipping this type of material abroad.
Thank you for your understanding.

*Before using it, dry the surface f the tire and keep it cool.
*Clean it one by one
*Do not dry the tire with this stayed on
*Do not use it for other material then rubber.



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