PORKCHOP Air Freshener [KGPC001-]

PORKCHOP Air Freshener [KGPC001-]

Our Price: 700Yen(tax excluded)

PORKCHOP Air Freshener

PORKCHOP Garage Supply Original Air Freshener

CQQL and unique design which, parts of the pork is likened to the car and it will match to New car to Hot Rod!!

Not only as an interior of your car, it can also be place in your room.

Choice of scents:
KGPC001-01 Coconut
KGPC001-02 Green Apple
KGPC001-03 Frozen Black
KGPC001-04 Lemon Lime
KGPC001-05 Plumeria
KGPC001-06 Fresh Melon
KGPC001-07 Marine Type
KGPC001-08 8 Ball
KGPC001-09 Rose
KGPC001-10 Vanilla
KGPC001-11 Black Cherry Bomb

Came into existence from garage. This project was created from the conversation between Yoneuchi from Valley Auto and Sugihara from Fusty Works. It is not apparel. It is everything from our lifestyle concept of garage usages. We named it a PORKCHOP because the hog farm was shut down by our neighbors and we love chop culture.


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