MOON Wiper Topper [AA777MN]

MOON Wiper Topper [AA777MN]

Our Price: 2,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Wiper Topper

MOONEYES Original Wipper Ball.
You just install it to the pivot shaft of the rear wiper and your rear view will change to MOONEYES!

Custom accessory that makes your Car life more enjoyable.
Please turn it gently when you install.
Please adjust so, the logo will come to perfect place.

Color: YE Yellow
Includes: Adapter screw, Silicone sleeve (Thin, Thick)
Size: About (H)30mmx(W)30mmxFull Length35mm
Adapter screw: M6
Diameter of the hole:M8

【If the screw of pivot shirt is thin】
Use adapter screw + Thin silicon sleeve.
Put the adapter screw in the wiper topper and then, put the Thin silicon sleeve and turn it clockwise and install.

【If the screw of pivot shift is thick】
Use just the Thick silicon sleeve.
Just use the Thick silicon sleeve and turn it clockwise and install.


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