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1. Select the item you wish to purchase.

Click [Add to Cart] to put the item into your shopping cart.

2. Go to Checkout.

3. Checkout

Enter your information and shipping address, and select a payment option following the instructions.

4. Receive an order receipt email.

You will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to check the details of your order.

5. Receive the items you ordered.

The current order-flow does not automatically include the final shipping charge. This is because the final shipping amount depends on the final country destination, weight and size of the packed order. After you submit an order, we will contact you with available shipping options (if applicable) and the final amount due.

All orders from outside of Japan will be charged a 7% packaging/handling fee, calculated by the total amount of the final invoice.

You should be aware of customs clearance for your country. You may have to pay tax/duty for the contents you order. We are not responsible for any charges or duties/taxes from customs clearance etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Shipping Methods and Costs

Domestic Shipping (in Japan only) (We shall inform you of the shipping fee later.)

Express Mail Service (EMS) (We shall inform you of the shipping fee later.)

We currently use the Japan Post for all international shipping. Shipping is a straight cost set by the post office for express mail (EMS) and is based on final weight of the packed order. EMS Shipping includes full coverage insurance up to 20,000 yen, takes about 3-5 business days for delivery once dispatched from our office in Japan. EMS also includes worldwide tracking capabilities while in transit.
Read more information about Japan Post Express Mail Service.


All prices do not include tax. Tax will be added to your order cost.

See the tax of your country below.
Country Tax
Japan Consumption Tax: 8 %

Payment Method


Please do not send any direct PayPal payments until you receive a confirmation of your order and total amount due from us, normally within three business days.

For Domestic Addresses Only

For Domestic Addresses Only. If you reside in Japan, most orders will be delivered via Cash on Delivery (COD) also known as DAIBIKI. If you would rather pay by FURIKOMI (bank transfer) please be sure you specify in the comments section of the order form.

MOONEYES.JP Member's Points

MOONEYES.JP Member's Point system

We are pleased to announce a new member's only point system. That's right! Similar to our brick and mortar Area-1 store, MOONEYES.JP allows registered members to collect points based on the total order amount of goods.

You can use your points as credits towards your next purchase or collect over a period and use it as desired.

Note: If the account is static (not used) for one year, the points will automatically expire. Keeping an active account to prevent losing point.


After logging in, the evaluation in the product who shopping, you can write a review. So many people to be a reference, auto parts, please fill out the attached vehicle type.

Write a review and 5 points awarded on the spot!

Review method

1. your shopping in the login state

2. There is a "button to post a review" to the product detail page capped shopping.

3. You can post a review from the purchase history confirmation of my page.

■ Review of the modification, deletion method

1.From the review management of my page, delete, you can fix.

■ Notes Review

1. About reviews

Reviews are a useful resource to help our customers make buying decisions on the basis of genuine impressions and opinions, in the form of text, images, or video, contributed by previous purchasers.

2. Prohibited content

Controversial content:

• Defamation or threats directed at other customers or at third parties.

• Vulgar, obscene, or illegal content.

• Inflammatory content intended to antagonize other customers.

• Content that is discriminatory on a political or religious basis.

For-profit contributions:

• Contributions for the purpose of advertising a competitor's wares.

• Paid contributions made in exchange for compensation of any kind, including payment, discounts, or goods.

• Repeated spam reviews on a single item made for the purpose of inflating or deflating the review average of that item.

• Content that requests that readers give positive feedback for that review.

Content in violation of property law or personal privacy:

• Personal contact information, including (but not limited to) telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or website URLs.

• Content containing identifying information, such as photographs of the face, without the explicit consent of that person.

• Images, video, or other media to which the reviewer does not own the rights.

• Plagiarized text.

• Content that is otherwise in violation of the law.

• Content deemed inappropriate for the shop, at the discretion of the shop owner.

3. On the use of the review function

The review function is free to use. By using it, you grant permission for the shop owner to reproduce, quote, cite, display, publish, or use for other purposes at will, without notifying the reviewer.


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