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TOYOTA Harrier 2020- (80 model) Dashboard Covers [DKTT1021]

Our Price: 11,500Yen(tax excluded)

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※Currently working to create one with HUD(Head Up Display), however, we are still not sure with the available date. If you have an interest, please contact us by email.

Custom formed and fitted dash mat, aka dashboard cover. Keeps the dash out of the harsh sun while adding a comfortable look. Various colors are available.
Please reference the color chart. Depending on the material, color selection might differ.

Velour Material: Soft texture and it is like moquette seat of a car.
Polyester carpet: Thick material that is used for US car’s floor.

※ V=Velour P= Polyester
Color that is not showed cannot be selected.

※If there are any troubles with the controls of the self-driving car/autonomous car, please remove the dash mat while driving.
*Depending on the manufactured period, the materialness might differ. Please note that we cannot return items, pay refunds, and exchange items for any reasons like not satisfying by the texture, color, and other factors. If you have external parts on the dashboard, you might have to modify them by yourself.
*Light color might reflect on the window and obstruct a clear view. If it might obstruct other functions of your car by using the dash mat during your drive, we recommend you to remove it when you are driving.
*Due to the material, the color might fade from the direct sunlight and strong UV radiations. Due to the manufacturing process, Velour material might get smaller than the Polyester Material.
※Texture of the material might differ by the time it is manufactured.
※Please note that, Polyester item is build to order manufacturing so, it might take time.

If you order the poly-carpet material, please acknowledge that cars with narrow around air conditioning outlets and defrosters may not be framed.

※Please note, when you select the option, due to the system of the Online Shop, there is a selection of options for all models and also models that do not apply to the sensor hole.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us from below.
TEL:045-623-5999 (10:00?17:00 Japan time)


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