【1984 UP Sportster】Bolt-on Bracket for MOONEYES ORIGINAL Emergency Tank [BK046]

【1984 UP Sportster】Bolt-on Bracket for MOONEYES ORIGINAL Emergency Tank [BK046]

Our Price: 7,500Yen(tax excluded)

Bolt-on Bracket for MOONEYES ORIGINAL Emergency Tank ( Sportster)

Glidestone Cycle Original bracket for MOONEYES Original Emergency tank.
This product is for Harley Davidson Sportster.

You do not have to process to install the steel bracket,
which is originally included with MOONEYES Emergency Tank.
You can just bolt-on to the downtube.

To fix the position depending on the model, there are two holes to install.
It can be installed to model with ABS.

Applicable model: Harley Davidson Sportster (XL) after 1984

Material : Steel
Size: Length 30cm Width 10cm Thickness 3mm
Includes bolts for installation.

※MOONEYES Original Emergency Tank is sold separately.
※If frame is already processed or customized, it might not be installed.
※If you have any concerns with installation, send a picture of the downtube of your motorcycle.
For installation to model with ABS, please see below.

?First remove the clamp of ABS hose from the frame.
?Then put the E-tank bracket between the frame and ABS hose.
?Finally put the clamp back to the frame.
(If necessary, adjust the clamp to fit.
And check if there isn’t any problem with ABS hose.)

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