MOONEYES Original Emergency Tank [MP1025]

MOONEYES Original Emergency Tank [MP1025]

Our Price: 28,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Original Emergency Tank

The Emergency Tank comes with steel bracket for mounting just about anywhere. For motorcycles, it's commonly mounted to the down tubes of a motorcycle frame but any secured location will work. Mounting hardware not included.

This can be used on cars and motorcycles.

The improved tank features a special cap that allows air to escape while keeping the contents safe and secure.

To put the bracket, welding process will be needed and 2 rubber brackets will come together to fit the frame.

Always be sure to open cap slowly as pressure can build.

Made in USA
Hand crafted

SPECIFICATIONS: 7.5cm x 35cm
Capacity: 1.25 QT (1,000cc)
2 rubber brackets: 3cm

Brackets for MOONEYES Emergency tank is HERE!!

*Change the rubber ring frequently.
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