Take it Easy Doggie T-shirt [TMD018]

Take it Easy Doggie T-shirt [TMD018]

Our Price: 3,400Yen - 4,600Yen(tax excluded)

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Take it Easy Doggie T-shirt
S〜L size 3,400yen, XL〜3XL 4,600yen

Doggie's Take it Easy T-shirt featuring plumeria.
Fluffy foam print is used for the design and makes your dog look more adorable!
"Take it easy" "Don't be wild, Don't be mean"
As the message, Take it Easy with the life with your dog.

We have prepared, two colors or Red and Steel Gray that matches with any dog.
We also have various sizes so, pick the best one for your dog and debut your dog to MOONEYES!

Material:100% COTTON
Color:RD Red, SG Steel Gray

XS Size: Length 22cm Width 15cm Neck 10cm
S Size: Length 24cm Width 17cm Neck 12cm
M Size: Length 25cm Width 19cm Neck 14cm
L Size: Length 30cm Width 20cm Neck 17cm
XL Size: Length 38cm Width 23cm Neck 20cm
XXL Size: Length 42.5cm Width 27.5cm Neck 26cm
XXXL Size: Length 43.5cm Width 34cm Neck 27cm

Also in lbs:XS (0-4 lbs.), S (5-10 lbs.), M (11-23 lbs.),
L (24-45 lbs.), XL (46-70 lbs.), XXL (71-85 lbs.), XXXL (86+ lbs.)

Model Black Mix Size: M 5kg
Model Corgi Size: XL 17kg
Model Apricot Mix Size: XS 3kg

Please note that, it is using US manufacturer so, depending on the arrival date, there might be a difference to the size.

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.


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