Rat Fink x MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTL153]

Rat Fink x MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt [MQTL153]

Our Price: 5,400Yen - 6,200Yen(tax excluded)

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Color / Size:
Rat Fink x MOON Equipped Long Sleeve T-shirt
S〜XL 5,400yen(excl. tax)、XXL 6,200yen(excl. tax)

Rat Fink x MOON Equipped Collaboration Long Sleeve T-shirt.
Rat Fink wearing MOON Equipped Logo T-shirt is holding the MOON Racing Cams.
This unique design is printed in a mono-tone style on the front.
The back style of this t-shirt is also simple mono-tone with
the back of the Rat Fink wearing the MOON Equipped Eyeshape logo T-shirt with the R.F. logo.
On both of the sleeves MOON Equipped Eyeshape logo an R.F. logo is lined alternately and it is stylish!
A ribbed sleeve will give essence to your outfit.

Harmony of the CQQL and Chic MOON Equipped brand and bit Crazy Rat Fink
is a wonderful and gorgeous collaboration never seen before.
wear it out to the MOONEYES Event and Fun scenes!

“I GOT SPEED!!” Go after the Rat Fink with the MOON RACING CAMS
that is essential to the racing engines!

Color:WH White、BK Black
Material: 100% Cotton (5.6 oz.)
S Size:Length 65cm Width 49cm Sleeve 60cm Shoulder 39cm
M Size:Length 69cm Width 52cm Sleeve 62cm Shoulder 42cm
L Size:Length 73cm Width 55cm Sleeve 63cm Shoulder 45cm
XL Size:Length 77cm Width 58cm Sleeve 64cm Shoulder 48cm
XXL Size:Length 81cm Width 63cm Sleeve 65cm Shoulder 52cm
F Model 157cm Size S
M Model 174cm Size M

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse the shirt before you wash it.
Rat Fink x MOON 2020


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