MOON Idle Screw For CV Carburetor [MP701CV]

MOON Idle Screw For CV Carburetor [MP701CV]

Our Price: 3,900Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Idle Screw For CV Carburetor

The stainless Idle Screw that can applied to the carburetor.
The screw head is an air valve cap so,
you can also change the MQQN Eyeball Valve Cap to another one.

It can be installed to CV carburetor.
Please note that depending on the size of the air valve,
it might affect the surrounding parts.

Spring and washer are not included so, please use the one that you are already using.

The diameter of the Screw head is the same as the items available at MOONEYES so, you can choose your favorite one too!

You can check the other Air Valve from HERE!!

Includes: Screw for CV carb. x1
MQQN Eyeball Air Valve Cap x 1

Size: 80mm (without Eyeball Air Valve Cap)
Size: 92mm (with Eyeball Air Valve Cap)

※ Other Valve Cap is not included.
If you wish to have another air valve cap then MOONEYES, please purchase separately.

Made by Glidestone Cycle


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