MOON Equipped Campfire Mug Cup [MQG174WH]

MOON Equipped Campfire Mug Cup [MQG174WH]

Our Price: 1,400Yen(tax excl.)

MOON Equipped Campfire Mug Cup

As the name indicates it is large size ceramic mug looks
like a enamel steel mug that was used to enjoy in front of the campfire.
This large size mug able to drink some drinks but,
it can also used as soup cup.
Although it is a large shape, it has a handle and easy to hold it.

The stone pattern gives a natural taste to it and,
MOON Equipped logo is largely printed on the front and back.
If you use it at your home, you can feel that you are at a campsite.

Take your time and Relax with MQQN.

Capacity: About 444ml / 15 o.z
Size: About Dia. 10.5cm Height9cm
Material: Ceramic


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