Lucas Hot Rod & Classic 10W-40 (1qt) [LU10688]

Lucas Hot Rod & Classic 10W-40 (1qt) [LU10688]

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Lucas Hot Rod & Classic 10W-40 (1qt)

It can be used for most of the cars that don’t use a catalyst for muffler and it is lighter than 20W-50, so it is useful for small engines and high-performance motor.

Specialized for lubricity by high zinc and it is most suitable to USA car’s Hot Rod, VW’s OHC car, solid rocker arm car, and leaded bulb seat cars.
Additional zinc will help lubricity for casting cam and lifters for vintage cars.

Engine oil’s performance will differ by the requirement of each car but, this one is the target for Hot Rod, so those people should try it!
Thick oil film will help the dry start of your car you usually don’t go on.

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1 Quarts (946ml)


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