MOON Eyeball Embroidery Sweatshirt [SM825]

MOON Eyeball Embroidery Sweatshirt [SM825]

Our Price: 4,800Yen - 5,800Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

Color / Size:
MOON Eyeball Embroidery Sweatshirt
S〜XL Size 4,800yen(excl. tax)、XXL Size 5,800yen(excl. tax)

A simple but casual MOONEYES sweatshirt. It uses dry material but the inner is raised and keeps you warm. It features a special MOON Eyeball embroidery.

You can match it with a shirt, or you can enjoy your relaxing fashion! If you have one of the standard items, you can enjoy for long seasons.

Color: BK Black, BG Burgundy
Material: 15% Poly, 85% Cotton (Inner raised)

Size(JP): M、L、XL、XXL(Only Black)
M Model 172cm Size L
F Model 157cm Size M

M Size: Length 67cm Width 55cm Shoulder 48cm Sleeve 60cm
L Size: Length 70cm Width 58cm Shoulder 51cm Sleeve 61cm
XLSize: Length 73cm Width 61cm Shoulder 54cm Sleeve 62cm
XXLSize: Length 76cm Width 65cm Shoulder 56cm Sleeve 62cm

M Size: Length 26.4in Width 21.7in Shoulder 18.9in Sleeve 23.6in
L Size: Length 27.6in Width 22.8in Shoulder 20.1in Sleeve 24in
XL Size: Length 28.7in Width 24in Shoulder 21.3in Sleeve 24.4in
XXL Size: Length 29.9in Width 25.6in Shoulder 22in Sleeve 24.4in

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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